Tarcoles River Tour

March 15, 2022


Bird List 

Seen  -  62

Heard  -  4

Total Species  -  66

Jose's Crocodile Tour - Tarcoles River


On Monday, March 15, 2021, the Club headed out on the Tarcoles River with Jose Eduarado of Jose's Crocodile Tours. Lori set up a last minute morning tour only giving members 2 days notice to attend, but turnout was still great. Who turns down a morning on one of the best birding rivers in the country?

It is great that the driving restrictions have been lifted in the country allowing the group to do early morning non overnight tours when the opportunity presents itself.Wuhe Club met at 5:45 AM at Jose's offices in Tarcoles to pay and make the short walk to the River and boat. Trip had a special rate offered to the Club by Jose.

With the sound of the Howler monkeys in the trees and Yellow-Naped Parrots constantly overhead, our tour started at 6:06 AM, with beautiful weather and lighting for the photographers. Walking to the River, the Club saw 2 Black-headed Trogons very close, which really pleased the photographers.

We spent 3 hours, 17 minutes on the River, traveling 11.76 miles up the river and through the mangroves. Besides the phenomenal birding, the Club enjoyed just being on the water in the mangroves.

Some highlights of the tour were really good views of the Mangrove   Warbler male, 2 Gray Hawks very close, a huge group of Sanderlings near the ocean, a belted kingfisher which is rare to see on the Tarcoles, and so many kingfishers. The kingfisher may have been the most common bird seen on the river that morning. Even though this was a birding tour, the Club also got great views of a mangrove raccoon walking on the banks of the mangrove, many crocodiles and the always entertaining Jesus Christ lizards.

Tally at the end was 66 species of birds seen and/or heard by the Club. Not bad for a morning outing!

If anyone on the Club is interested in the River tour, feel free to
contact Jose Eduardo directly, or Lori of the Club.

UPDATE: Another Tarcoles Birding on the Boat is planned soon. 

1 - Great Egret

2 - Anhinga

1 - Gray Hawk

4 - Yellow-crowned Night Heron

5 - Bare-throated Tiger Heron

6 - Snow Egret

7 - Common Black Hawk

8 - Black-headed Trogon

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