Ara Ambigua and Sarapiqui

September 23-24, 2023


Bird List - Ara Ambigua 

Seen  -  139

Heard  -  28

Total Species  -  167

Ara Ambigua and Sarapiqui


In late September, club members and a few, soon to be club members visited the rainforests of the Sarapiqui lowlands. After meeting on Saturday, we drove to a nearby area of rainforest. Although hot and sunny weather made for quiet birding, we still managed to see Shining Honeycreeper, Black-striped Woodcreeper, and some other key birds.

However, as dusk approached, our birding got better. As the sun lowered in the sky, we saw several migrating Common Nighthawks, heard and saw Green Ibis, and a few other birds.

Being in an excellent site for night birds, we decided to stay until dark and look for birds on the way back. We saw several Common Pauraques, heard Central American Pygmy-Owl, a few Crested Owls, and Mottled Owl. We also heard and saw a wonderful Middle American Screech-Owl, and a Great Potoo in flight!

After dinner at the much recommended Rustiticos soda (good food, good service, good prices!), we went back to Ara ambigua for the night.

On the following morning, after early coffee, we made the short drive to the Puerto Viejo dock. However, since the boat from Anhinga Tours left us waiting on the dock, we did some early morning birding near La Selva before breakfast back at the hotel.

We opted for a late morning boat trip and although it was sunny and hot, we still had great views of Sunbittern (good spotting Aria!).

That afternoon, we birded another forested road in the area with highlights being King Vulture, Purple-throated Fruitcrow, and Red-capped Manakin.

On our final morning, we birded around the hotel and saw Pied Puffbird, Cerulean Warbler, and some other birds. We finished off the trip with breakfast and the bird list.

Guide: Patrick O’Donnell


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