About Us


The BCCR is a group of people who get together to see birds. Some members enjoy participating on trips that have been organized by other volunteer members. These occasions give them a chance to get out to places they would probably never visit otherwise. It is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with interesting people and to explore life in the more remote areas of Cosa Rica.

However, the BCCR, relies on those volunteers who will go a step further and organize a trip for other members. Without them, we would not have a club at all. Thank you so much to those people who have organized trips and made it possible for all of us to have this wonderful experience.


In the Members’ section, we have included the BCCR Guidelines and Club Policies for those who wish to join us on a trip, with additional Guidelines and Suggestions for anyone who wishes to volunteer to organize a new BCCR Adventure. It is very much appreciated. 




               Happy Birding!