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Costa Rica may be a small country, about the size of West Virginia, but the diversity of aviary life is truly remarkable. In this small country, more than 900 species of birds have been identified. This diversity is due in part to the ideal climate and in part to the amazing variations of habitats throughout the country.

As part of the Birding Club of Costa Rica, one can participate in trips to all the varied habitats at one point or another and often see more than 100 different species in one weekend trip. 


Enjoy a sneak peek into just a few of the

BCCR Adventures

in Different Habitats and Geographic Areas


Northern Pacific Lowlands Caribbean Lowlands Middle Elevations Southern Pacific Lowlands Southern Pacific Lowlands Caribbean Foothills Caribbean Foothills Highlands Caribbean Lowlands


While there are many different types of habitats in Costa Rica,

the country can be divided into six main geographic areas:


These Geographic Areas are based on altitude as well as area.

In his book, our guide, Patrick O'Donnell, uses these guidelines:

Highlands:  > 1,700 meters

Middle Elevations:  1,000 - 1,700 meters

Foothills: 400 - 1,000 meters

Lowlands: 0 - 400 meters


Habitats include Lowland Forests, Foothill Rainforests, Middle Elevation  Rainforest, High Elevation Forests, Tropical Moist Forests, Tropical Dry Forests, Grasslands, Beaches, Mangroves and others.

On monthly birding trips, members of The Birding Club of Costa Rica (BCCR) enjoy traveling around the country to see and identify the birds of a particular habitat in one of the diverse geographical areas. These trips are organized by individual members and led by professional birding guides. Click on a picture above or a geographic area to get a glimpse of some of our adventures and a few of the birds and areas we have seen all around the beautiful country of 

Costa Rica. 

Become a member and you can see all of the trips we have taken and a list of the

birds identified or heard on each.

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